Our Oil

Checking the olives

Our Olives are grown, picked, cold pressed and packed all on site at Fini Olives so you can be assured of the origin and quality of our olive oil. This way we can make sure the freshest olive oil is always available to our clients.

We are quality assured company with HACCP accreditation. Onsite testing of olive oil during production and by having the oil analysed by an accredited Australian laboratory, allows us to ensure our products meet the highest standards of taste and quality.

Our use of the industry leading processing and harvesting equipment ensures we can harvest and immediately process our olives just at the right time to capture the freshest flavours in our olive oils for you to enjoy. Blending of olive oils ensures we have a consistent flavour profile each time.

Our Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available for the retail, restaurant, private label and bulk oil markets.