Our Range


Our Range

All of Fini Olives Extra Virgin Olive Oils are suitable for any type of cooking, dipping or drizzling to enhance the flavours of any dish. We currently offer our Extra Virgin olive oil in the following packaging sizes: 375ml, 750ml, 3L and 10L.

Fresh and Mild

For those who like their olive oils a little lighter on the palate. This delicious, mellow, fruity flavoured oil has mild peppery aromas. A versatile, all purpose olive oil to enhance the flavour of a variety of dishes. Use for cooking and marinating as well as a mild accompaniment to fish, dips, vegetables and soups.

Rich and Robust

For those who are looking for bold but fruity flavours. With full fruit, nutty flavour and mild pepper, this oil is ideal for drizzling over salads, pasta or with fresh crusty bread.